This is your moment!

Welcome to your world of possibilities!

Life has so much to offer you! Sometimes the path is smooth and clear and sometimes the path is bumpy and unclear. If you are here on this page your path is not as clear as it could be or as it used to be, but your dreams are still very much alive! And dreams are a powerful motivator. They provide a sense of purpose and inspiration for achieving your goals. To stay motivated, it's important to identify what specifically about your dreams drives you, and to break down your aspirations into small, achievable steps.

I am here to support you in clearing whatever fog you are pushing through. I promise you, there is clarity and ease on the other side. This particular pitstop in your journey is leading to a life-changing breakthrough! Everything you need to achieve your dreams lies within you. Don't let another second of your life pass by without the belief that you are worthy and capable of achieving the dreams placed in your heart. All you have to do is say, "Yes." This is your moment!

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Success Coaching

  • Do you believe your life has a Divine Purpose; That you are made for more, but you are feeling stuck?
  • Are you lacking clarity on how to move forward?
  • Do you know there are steps that need to be taken but you are struggling to identify what those are?
  • Are you torn between being uncomfortable with your current state and what you desire for your future?
  • Are you transitioning from a career in which you've been successful and are now looking to find continued purpose in life?
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Acting Consulting

  • Consultations cover questions or needs a client pursuing a career in acting may have including but not limited to: 
  • How to get started in the acting industry
  • Coaching for auditions and booked jobs
  • On set coaching
  • Critique of headshots, resumes and reels
  • Tackling mental blocks and performance anxiety
  • Scene and monologue study
  • Developing strong characters
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Intuitive Handwriting Analysis

Did you know your handwriting says a lot about how you operate?  It can show your personality traits, how you operate in the world and what you think about yourself and others. That's because your handwriting is linked to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is where your default beliefs and habits reside.

You'll receive a personal handwriting analysis that is both technical and intuitive.  You'll have a better understanding of how your handwriting is affecting your everyday behaviors and you will also receive at least 3 tips on how to adjust your handwriting in order to support you in implementing new more beneficial behaviors.  


I am a 40 year acting veteran of the stage and screen and currently have over 100 hours of training as a life coach through the accredited Academy for Coaching Excellence's IFC Certification program.

Upon graduating with honors from Birmingham-Southern College with a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater, I immediately began an international acting career that includes Broadway, regional theatre, film, voice-over, and television, and have worked with Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman and Dame Judi Dench to name a few.

Having been blessed with living my dreams all these years I have developed a strong desire to be of service to others who are also interested in living the life of their dreams. I am a mentor to several young adults who are pursuing an education and careers in the entertainment industry. In 2020 I co-authored, "A to Z Affirmations for Good Business", a book that encourages savvy business practices. And I am always excited to participate in public speaking engagements where I share my three-fold formula for success!

In addition to being a life coach, author and actor, I have 20+ years experience as an acting coach and consultant. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and First Level Reiki practitioner. And I am the creator and owner of The Regal Wrap™, ready-to-wear head wraps, which were featured in O Magazine as one of Oprah's Favorite Things in December 2018.

Every breath is a gift that should never be taken for granted. My hope is that we connect to our Divine Purpose so that we can live a life full of love, light, purpose and possibility!


Discovery Session

30 minutes / $50

This discovery session is to better understand the goals you have for your life and to assess if my support is the best fit to assist you in achieving those goals.

Life Coaching

6 Virtual Sessions / 50 minutes each / $150 per session

  • These sessions will support you in clarifying your goals and taking tangible steps to fulfill them.

Acting Consulting

3 Virtual Sessions / 50 minutes each / $150 per session

  • This package covers any questions or needs a client pursuing a career in acting may have including but not limited to: 
  • Coaching for auditions and booked jobs
  • Headshot, resume and reel critique
  • Tackling mental blocks, stage fright and performance anxiety
  • How to accomplish scene breakdowns and monologue study
  • How to get started in the industry.

Handwriting Analysis

$120 Analysis /  This package includes

  • A technical breakdown of your handwriting
  • An intuitive reading on your handwriting which comes through as I touch the paper you have written on.
  • A mailed mock up of your writing sample along with a short synopsis giving you at least 3 suggestions on how to make adjustments to your handwriting in order to shift certain behaviors and habits.

If you're comfortable with making sure you always recognize yourself, you may run the risk of never truly discovering yourself.

- Kim Hawthorne -

  • Natalie F

    It only took my first session with Kim to realize I was dealing with someone special. 

    Kim listened intently to things I felt were holding me back from my destined path and did more than offer words of encouragement but helped put certain things into perspective that allowed me to create actionable goals. 

    Our sessions together allowed me to get past the first step of just "having a great idea" and taking steps to do something about it. Plus, having someone hold me accountable when the familiar need to make excuses came up was needed. 

    I'm honestly grateful for the support Kim has shown me, and I'm thrilled to announce I'm "living in my purpose" by creating things that I hope make people feel both happy and healthy.

    If you need some sense of direction, I definitely recommend booking some time with Kim :)

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  • Bryan T.

    Kim has been a huge help in the navigation of my acting career; From helpful audition pointers to assisting me in easing my anxiety during my first cold read for a big film company. She has really helped me so much when it comes to knowing my worth and trusting my talent. I would recommend her expertise to any actor, new or seasoned. We can never stop pushing to be better!

  • Jennifer M.

    Kim, you have helped me look at my life in a different way and brought out what I already knew was there. You are blessed, God has kissed you and given you a gift. To anyone who might be seeking Kim's life coaching services, "What are you waiting on? Do it now."

  • Nancy W.

    Kim, you are AMAZING! When I say you rocked my handwriting analysis; That you did, no question. It was definitely all me! I am touching in agreement with it ALL. I love it!!!!

Make sure you say yes to life. All miracles await you there.

-Kim Hawthorne